This is a text fic of POPSTAR 5 that tells longer and more complex stories than the comic itself.

News Edit

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Information Edit

  • All episodes follow a similar theme; The title of the episode is usually either "X and Y" or "X, Y, and Z". The X, Y, and Z refers to certain items or services, usually with little to no similarities between them. The numbering of the episode is "Floor X", with X being the episode number. For example, one episode could be named "Floor 1: Cheese Graters, Pet Shops, and Haircuts". Occasionally, the three items will have something to do with the story, but usually it's just one of them.
  • Characters in the series must be in toy/figurine form and owned by Im a bell, so he can turn virtually any scene into a comic, aside from the really detailed ones.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Floor 1: Produce, Boxing Gloves, and Auto Parts
  2. Floor 2: Pet Shops, Transformation Cogs, and Baby Clothes
  3. Floor 3: Lighters, Capes, and Cardboard Boxes
  4. Floor 4: Lettuce, CDs, and Popcorn

Other Edit

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